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Teen Bullying Solutions: Help for Neurodivergent Adolescents

Dr. Breaux gave this ADHD Experts webinar on bullying in adolescents with ADHD through ADDitude. You can watch the video or download/stream the podcast audio here:

Ask the Expert – Teens & Parents: Understanding Strategies to Reduce Conflict

Dr. Breaux participated in the Ask the Expert webinar series put together by the National Resource Center on ADHD at CHADD. The recording from this talk can be watched below, and the link to this talk and many other Ask the Expert webinars can be found here:

Understanding Dysgraphia and its Impact on Children - Dissect & Connect Podcast

Dr. Breaux spoke with the Dissect & Connect Podcast: A Service of Montgomery County Prevention Partners about Dysgraphia, a learning disorder characterized by poor or inconsistent handwriting, difficulties with spelling, and difficulties putting thoughts on paper.

Her podcast episode and others can be found here -

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