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Published Work

Below are some recently published studies by members of the CALMER Lab; click on View More under each article to read more:

Development and Refinement of the RELAX Intervention, an Intervention Targeting Emotion Dysregulation and Interpersonal Conflict in Adolescents with ADHD: Results from a Pilot Study


ADHD in COVID-19: Risk, resilience, and the rapid transition to telehealth

Variability in Positive and Negative Affect Among Adolescents with and without ADHD: Differential Associations with Functional Outcomes


Prospective impact of COVID-19 on adolescent mental health functioning in adolescents with and without ADHD: Protective role of emotion regulation abilities

The Role of Parental Knowledge and Attitudes about ADHD and Perceptions of
Treatment Response in the Treatment Utilization of Families of Children with


Exploration of clinician adherence and competency as predictors of treatment outcomes in a school-based homework and organization intervention for students with ADHD

Longitudinal Associations of Parental Emotion Socialization and Children’s Emotion Regulation: The Moderating Role of ADHD Symptomatology


Adolescent emotionality and emotion regulation in the context of parent emotion socialization among adolescents with neurodevelopmental disorders: A call to action with pilot data

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