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Published Work

Below are some recently published studies by members of the CALMER Lab; click on View More under each article to read more:

Development and Refinement of the RELAX Intervention, an Intervention Targeting Emotion Dysregulation and Interpersonal Conflict in Adolescents with ADHD: Results from a Pilot Study


Impacts of COVID-19 quarantine and isolation on adolescent social functioning

Telehealth delivery of the RELAX intervention for families of adolescents diagnosed with ADHD: Preliminary treatment outcomes and evidence of acceptability and feasibility


Prospective impact of COVID-19 on adolescent mental health functioning in adolescents with and without ADHD: Protective role of emotion regulation abilities

Predictors of executive function trajectories in adolescents with and without ADHD: Links with academic outcomes


COVID-19 resulted in decreased grade point averages for male high school students and students with ADHD

Longitudinal Associations of Parental Emotion Socialization and Children’s Emotion Regulation: The Moderating Role of ADHD Symptomatology


Adolescent emotionality and emotion regulation in the context of parent emotion socialization among adolescents with neurodevelopmental disorders: A call to action with pilot data

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